The Blue Mountains Creator Space Membership Agreement

This Membership Agreement outlines the policies governing The Blue Mountains Creator Space Members (“Member”) and the operations of the digital arts lab, digital arts workshops and/or digital arts equipment loans services by The Blue Mountains Creator Space (“TBMCS”) and/or its representatives.

The following policies relate to TBMCS Membership rights and access:

1) TBMCS provides a free 1 year TBMCS Membership to any member of the public ages 8 and up that is located with an address in the South Georgian Bay Region. This region is defined to include the towns of The Blue Mountains, Collingwood, Meaford, Clearview and Wasaga Beach. Proof of residence documents may be required to confirm TBMCS membership access by TBMCS and/or The Blue Mountains Public Library. TBMCS Membership renews annually on July 1st and cost is subject to change after the program pilot period ending June 30, 2020.

2) Youth Membership is available for anyone ages 8-17 years old and requires a Parent or Guardian (18 Years of older) to co-sign the TBMCS Membership. Parent or Guardian takes full responsibility for any and all actions of Youth Member in TBMCS Digital Arts labs and/or with the use of TBMCS Digital Arts equipment loans.

3) In addition to TBMCS Membership, Member is required to obtain a free Town of The Blue Mountains Library Card in order to provide access to TBMCS digital arts equipment loans. This Library Card shall only provide access to TBMCS digital arts equipment loans, unless otherwise specified by The Blue Mountains Library.

4) Member must be at least 18 years of age to access TBMCS digital arts equipment loans. Otherwise, a Parent or Guardian must apply for a Family Member library card with the Town of The Blue Mountains Library.

5) TBMCS is operated as a public access digital arts space and as such, no commercially based non-cultural digital arts activities may occur in TBMCS Digital Arts labs and/or with TBMCS Digital Arts equipment loans. This includes and is not limited to any activities related to corporate promotional purposes, real estate sales videos or photography and/or digital marketing activities.

6) Member must pass any required tests or examinations in order to gain access to TBMCS Digital Arts Lab and/or TBMCS Digital Arts equipment loans.

7) Member must handle all TBMCS Digital Arts equipment with care and report any issues, damages or lost equipment within 12 hours of such occurrences.

8) Member must store all TBMCS Digital Arts equipment in locked vehicles and/or residences and ensure that temperatures are within the prescribed ranges for specific equipment, as outlined in equipment manuals.

9) Member cannot provide access to TBMCS Digital Arts Equipment to any third party.

10) Member must return all TBMCS Digital Arts equipment loans in the same condition, and with all components listed in the kit, by the due date provided.

11) Member is responsible for all costs associated with the damages and/or losses caused by improper use of TBMCS Digital Arts equipment, lost or missing items, 3rd party sub-rentals, and/or improper storage of equipment. TBMCS and its representatives reserves final assessment and determination for these costs.

12) Member acknowledges that TBMCS is a public access space and as such Member will abide by all Canadian, Provincial and Municipal laws while utilizing any services and spaces provided by TBMCS.

13) TBMCS has a zero tolerance harassment policy. Members can report any such issues to TBMCS directly at or to any instructors or representatives in person. All such reports shall remain confidential and adhere to TBMCS’ Privacy Policy.

14) Member agrees to have information collected reporting Member’s use of TBMCS for statistical analysis. All such information shall remain anonymous and shall adhere to TBMCS’ Privacy Policy. Member further agrees to give consent to the TBMCS the irrevocable right to use any photograph, image, audio recording, video recording and likeness (collectively, “Member Images”) in all forms and manner, that may be captured or recorded during any workshop or live event and this right includes but is not limited to, publication, print media, digital media, the Internet, social media sites, media releases and broadcasts, without further notification to Member. 

15) TBMCS Digital Arts lab work stations must be booked ahead of time for access. Such pre-booked access shall be limited to a 2 hour maximum per day per Member. Additional hours may be available on the booking day, but cannot be guaranteed by TBMCS.

16) TBMCS shall provide free and/or low cost/material based only fee workshops from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. Rates and fees for TBMCS workshops are subject to change after this time.

17) TBMCS and its digital artist instructors (“TBMCS Instructors”) shall supervise workshops and provide any required legal duty of care over minors only during such scheduled workshop times. At all other times, unaccompanied minors remain the responsibility of the Parent and/or Guardian while utilizing the TBMCS digital arts lab.

18) TBMCS Digital Arts Lab is not an allergy free zone due to the community centre open access nature of Marsh Street Centre. TBMCS Instructors cannot guarantee an allergy free lab or workshop at any time.

19) This Membership Agreement is subject to annual review by TBMCS and as such the policies are subject change. An up to date Membership Policies Statement shall be made available at all times on

20) Failure to abide by and follow any of the above policies may result in Member having all membership access to Digital Arts Lab, Digital Arts Workshops, and Digital Arts Equipment Loans revoked under the sole discretion of TBMCS and its managers.

21) Confirming application of TBMCS Membership during online Member Application on TBMCS website, constitutes Member's agreement to abide by and follow all of the policies listed above.

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